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Are you facing any hair fall issues?
To help reduce this issue, we have come up with a perfect solution.
Presenting you a cleansing shampoo infused with the herbal benefits of Clove and Mustard. Clove being high in antioxidants and nutrients helps to reduce hair fall and respectively stimulates hair growth. The rich properties of vitamin E and Omega-3 in Mustard add thickness to your hair making it irresistible to break.

Damaged hair is everyone's biggest nightmare!
Do you also experience this nightmare?
Not anymore!
We created a nutritious shampoo that is rich in Sunflower oil and Jojoba. Sunflower oil's natural characteristics, which are high in essential nutrients, assist to combat frizziness and dullness in your hair, leaving it smooth and healthy. The richness of Jojoba oil, which is rich in vitamins E, C, and B, provides a nurturing look for your damaged hair, leaving it moisturised all day.

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