The Ultimate Weekend Hair Care Routine

Weekends are special not just because they give you a break from the tension of the entire week, but also because you can give yourself a pampering session with an elaborate hair care routine. In this blog Dèluce is telling the hair care routine daily, weekly, monthly, hair care routine for men, and hair care routine for women. This blog is also important for you to read and take notes from, as you might be searching the internet for a winter hair care routine, and a hair care routine for hair growth.

So let’s get started with the blog.

Daily Hair Care Routine For Indian Hair

For your daily hair care routine, you might be washing your hair twice or at the most thrice a week, applying conditioner, or maybe a serum at the most. But this 7-day hair care routine is not sufficient to keep your hair healthy and happy. Therefore, you need an elaborate hair care weekly routine.

So going beyond the 7 days hair care routine, so that you won’t have to search - curly hair care routine, wavy hair care routine, hair care routine for hair fall, night hair care routine etc.

Step By Step Hair Care Routine

Dèluce recommended hair care routine steps are as follows -

Step 1 - Oiling the hair

Oiling your hair may or may not come in your daily hair care routine for hair growth, but it should definitely be a part of your weekly hair care routine. Hair care routine for hair growth at home starts with this step and why shouldn’t it. You mom has been oiling your hair since forever, and now we are here to nudge you to do the same yourself when you are away from her. Not just oiling but massaging your hair will stimulate blood circulation for hair growth. You need to leave the oil for at least a couple of hours before washing it.

Step 2 - Steaming the hair

Steaming your hair after oiling has a plethora of underlying benefits that few people are aware of. Though it becomes absolutely impossible to carry this out on the weekdays, the weekends are made for indulging in long hair care routines like this. Teaming helps to open up the hair cuticles, which makes the oil reach deep into the scalp and give maximum hydration. The blood circulation is also improved by this practice, which results in hair growth. Even if you don't have fancy steamers, you can use a towel dampened in hot water, twisted to remove excess water, and wrapped around your head. Keep this going for 7–10 minutes, and then repeat the procedure.

Step 3 - Shampoo the hair

The third hair care routine step is shampooing your hair. Always use a mild shampoo that does not contain any SLS, parabens, or harsh chemicals. You can try out Dèluce’s wide range of shampoos that are made with the combination of ingredients that you might not have heard of before. These combinations of ingredients will give you maximum benefits and help you with your daily hair care routine for hair growth naturally.

Step 4 - Hair mask

Pampering your hair with a hair mask that suits your hair type and requirements is the next step in your hair care weekly routine. Masking once a week is highly recommended, as it deeply replenishes your tresses and makes them more lustrous. Moreover, it also gets rid of frizz and makes your hair strong and shiny. You can make a DIY hair mask at home with all the ingredients that you think are good for your hair very easily as a part of your daily hair care routine home remedies.

Step 5 - Conditioning the hair

To lock in hydration and make the hair manageable, conditioning your hair is important. But just like your shampoo, your conditioner should also be free from any unwanted or harmful chemicals or substances for a healthy hair care routine. Check out the wide range of conditioners from Dèluce that are made from natural ingredients. Dèluce conditioners are free from any kind of harmful chemicals. The combination of ingredients might be new to you, but these ingredients in your conditioner will show visible differences in your hair look and feel.

Step 6 - Serum the hair

To lock in all the moisture and goodness of all the ingredients you have used in various products, putting serum in your hair is important. A leave-in hair serum locks in all the moisture and also keeps your hair frizz-free, manageable, and lustrous. Apply the serum from mid-length to the tips, never on the roots.

Step 7 - Air Dry the hair

This is the last step of the natural hair care routine or the healthy hair care routine, but it is equally crucial. You should always air dry your hair, but weekdays may not allow you so much time. However, the weekends are different, and you can put in as much time to pamper yourself as possible, so let your hair air-dry. Moreover, use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair to avoid breakage.

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